Company Profile

Address: Khartoum – Sudan

Khartoum Arkaweet Block (65)

Mamon Behari Street/ Building # 393

P.O. Box: 6899 TAKAMUL

Customer services: 1111

Tel.: +249901230002

Fax. +249155144662

Mobile: +249912327000

E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Field of Business:

Aviation (Passenger and Cargo transportation)

Aircraft & Airport handling services.


Major Shareholders:

Mr. Hashim Yousif Al Digair & Eng. Ahmed Osman Abu Shaira

Board of Directors: Chairman Mr. Hashim Yousif Al Digair

Deputy Chairman Eng. Osman Abu Shaira

General Manager Gen. Mohamed A. Al Gadir

Executive Manager Eng. Ahmed Osman Abu Shaira

Member & D. Executive Mr. Al Fatih Osman Abu Shaira



November 2004

AOC Certificate No.:


ISO: 9001:2008 certified:

Since March 2007 certificate # 7011

Number of employee:



BADR AIRLINES is a private owned company established in 2004 and registered in Sudan under the Companies Act of 1925. The company is mainly engaged in Passenger and Cargo transportation and occasionally provides chartered VIP flights. The company is holding an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) meeting the requirements of the Air act of 1999 and the Air Navigation Regulations as recommended by The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The following categories are covered under this (A.O.C) small aircraft, large aircraft; heavy aircraft for both Passenger traffic and cargo.

Through accurate regular and charter services the company has gained a good reputation as a carrier for a variety of customers in both the governmental and the private sector.

Additional responsibilities were added to the company by participating in the field of air relief projects in the Southern and Western part of Sudan and also in the field of national oil development projects.

During this period the company has gained significant experience with respect to planning and conducting a plenty of flights and operations in support of a peace keeping mission.

As part of the airline activities BADR recently engages in additional support operations by adding (2) Boeing 737-500 to its fleet to support the growing market of (domestic/ regional) passenger flights.


Operated fleet:

2 Boeing 737-500

2 Illusion 76 TD

1 Antonov 26B-100 Passenger / Cargo

1 Antonov 74 T 200

1 Antonov 74-TK-100

1 Antonov 2

1 Antonov 28


On contract:

2 Boeing 737-700



Company Experience:

The company is mainly engaged in cargo transportation for Humanitarian Aid provided by WFP, UNICEF, MSF, FAO and Red Cross. The area covered is most locations in Sudan including Short Take of and Landing Operations (STOL). And by the beginning of 2005 BADR Airlines start scheduling a daily passenger & cargo flights between Khartoum & Wau.

For around 3 years BADR AIRLINES was the official carrier (Passenger/Cargo) for the Joint Military Commission (JMC) in Nuba Mountains. During this period the company has gained good experience in multi type of operations inclusive large scale support operations through out Sudan.

The company has been engaged in large scale air operations for similar organizations like the verification and control Team (VMT) sponsored by IGAD and the Civilian Military Protections Teams (CPMT) funded by the US. During that period a significant amount of STOL operations have been conducted throughout the Sudan.

Furthermore BADR Airlines provided extensive air support during first 6 months of the deployment of the African Union in Darfur including the first deployment of Rwandan peace keeping troops to Darfur.

Lately the company provided substantial air support for the interim Government of the Southern Sudan. During a period of 5 weeks more than 2000 passengers where transported in-between various locations in Sudan. It further conducted the historical flight for Dr. John Garang for his first visit to Khartoum in 21 years as part of the inauguration of the new government in Sudan after the newly brokered peace agreement for Sudan.

The company has good experience in providing technical difficult air transport operations for Oil company equipment from Port Sudan to different locations of the pumping stations.

Most recently the company provided its services to SUPREME Group which is the main supplier of UN for Food/Nonfood items & RONCO Consulting Corporation which deals with the United Nations with regard to De-Mining in Sudan.

The Company is providing Handling services and has approval from SCAA to provide such services with the following equipments:

2 Ground Power.

4 Tugs.

4 Fork lifts.

4 Ladders.

Hi – Loaders.

1 Conveyer Belt.

1 Air Starter.

1 Toilet Servicing Carts.

20 Dollies for baggage.

12 Dollies for cargo.

Potable Water Vehicle.


Company Policy:

Commitment to quality through the system ( ISO 9001:2008)

Commitment to flight safety rules and regulations in forced by both local & international civil aviation authorities.

Commitment to customers’ requirements needs and expectations at all times.

Commitment to staff development, continuous training and healthy and safe working environment.

Commitment to continuous improvement & development of the quality system and its effectiveness.

Commitment to the actions that support all employees’ happiness and emotional needs.

Provide our valued customers with the highest possible level of services.

Aircraft maintenance

BADR Airlines is yearly audited by the Civil Aviation Authority in Sudan (ICAO member) in order to maintain its air operator certificate. All audit controls have been passed with the highest marks.

Aircraft maintenance is conducted according to the respective maintenance manuals for each aircraft type and issued by the respective production plant for the aircraft.

Airworthiness matters are controlled by the Executive Manager in liaison with the Engineering Manager responsible to CAA

Periodic checks are carried out in:-

Russia (Moscow for the AN74’s Novosibirsk for the helicopters)

Ukraine (Kiev for the AN-26)

Uzbekistan/UAE (Tashkent/Sharjah for the IL-76).

Egypt (Cairo Egypt Air for B737-500).

Line maintenance is carried by the contracted AMO engineers, and being supervised by Sudanese licensed staff.



Import warehouse at Khartoum Airport.

Operations/Traffic office at Khartoum Airport.

Engineering office and stores at Khartoum Airport.

6 Tickets reservation sales offices around the capital.


County offices:

Port Sudan: +249 901233510

El Fasher: +249901233530

Nyala: +249 901233520

Genena: +249901233505


International Office:

Sharajah U.A.E +97165573688

Future Expansion

Adoption and implementation of IOSA standard.

Establishment of Maintenance base at Khartoum Airport.

Expansion on International Routes.

Acquisition of higher capacity modern aircraft such as B737-700.